In addition to the programs below, ACT also holds private voice lessons, audition prep, and group dance lessons. 

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All Keyed Up


Taking Registration for January of 2020
4:00 PM –4:55 PM
Grades K-6
Ages 5-12
Does your child love to sing and dance? Are they natural performers? Would you like to foster and support that love and talent? Then All Keyed Up Show Choir is for you!

Open to grades K–5 will give your child a real show choir experience.

This group may perform at local community events during the semester. There may be solo opportunities in both singing and dancing.

It’s a MUST TAKE for those children who strive to get into our upper level middle and high school show choirs. No matter what your child’s aspirations, ALL KEYED UP will feed their desire to sing, dance and perform in a nurturing and FUN group environment!

Congratulations to the 2019 cast of  "A CHRISTMAS CAROL"
If you would like to decline your role, please email before 9am tomorrow so we can adjust the cast list accordingly.
If you did not get a role, please do not despair. We had almost 100 people audition and had to take conflicts, roles you were willing to accept and many other factors into consideration when casting.
Please make sure you check the cast list carefully, as some of you appear more than once on this list

Here is the rehearsal schedule for tomorrow…
Sunday,  November 24th
2:00pm – 3:00pm – Carolers Preshow Rehearsal
3:00pm – 4:00pm - When Love is Gone- ACT I Scene 7
Master Scrooge, Ghost of Christmas Past, Scrooge, Belle
4:00pm – 4:30pm - Parent meeting- All cast & parents must attend.
4:30pm – 7:00pm – Scrooge& It Feels Like Christmas- ALL CAST

2019 Cast of "A Christmas Carol"
​Scrooge- Michael Rubino
Narrator - Patrick Keyser
Sidekick - Molly Prefling
Bob Cratchit - Jack Walton
Emily Cratchit - Peyton Rubischko 
Belinda Cratchit - Melody Du Bois
Betina Cratchit - Lauren Boutin
Peter Cratchit -Dominic McWhirter 
Tiny Tim -  Becca Lowe

Mrs. Dilber/Fred Party Guest - Kyra O'Connor
Turkey Girl - Teagan Kelly
Adele/Fred Party Guest/Fezziwig Guest -Anna Cederdahl  
Miriam/Fred Party Guest/Fezziwig Guest -  Bella Padilla
Gertrude/Fred Party Guest/Fezziwig Guest - Megan Snow
Edna/Fred Party Guest/Fezziwig Guest - Morgan Brigham 
Hermoine/Fred Party Guest/Fezziwig Guest – Amelicia Johnson
Ghost of Christmas Past/Ensemble –  Sierra Ricks
Ghost of Christmas Present – Steve Lanouette
Jacob Marley/Ensemble - Mia Dickson
Robert Marley/Ensemble - Andrea Jamieson
Belle/Clara - Rebecca DeCero
Fred/Master Scrooge - Jared McDaniel
Little Caroler - Eliza Burt
Head Master/Fezziwig Guest/Fred Party Guest/Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come - Ryan O'Connor
Young Scrooge/Ensemble - Westley Caryl 
Mr. Fezziwig/Fred Party Guest - Jeff Rudolph 
Mrs. Fezziwig/Fred Party Guest -  Mackenzie Reed
Widow Applegate/Fezziwig & Fred Party Guest - Zoey Monnissen

Lead Caroler/Featured Soloist at Fred Party/Fezziwig Guest:  Erin Myers
​Male Lead Caroler/Fred Party Guest/Fezziwig Guest:  Jesse Anderson

The Bookkeepers/Students:
Kenzie Padilla     Christopher Cummings     Emilia Carder     Violet Olawski     Adeline Olawski     Graham Schurz     Keira James
Malana Miner     Malia Miner     Harper Vanderwall     Aubrey Lowe     Amelia Burt     Kylie Sellinger

The Urchins/Marley Ghosts/Fezziwig Guests:
Parker Anderson     Alyssa Fabio     Taylor James     Bella Gump     Kendall Anderson     Danielle Olawski     Sheridan Reagan

The Dancing Carolers/Fezziwig Guests:
Talya Myers     Meredith Snow     Evie Walker     Samantha Ericson     Rianna Blazek     Kenzie Nichols     
Bradley Ash     Collin Bridge     Mikey Rubino

The Carolers/Fezziwig Guests:

Mandy Gellman     Abby Gellman*     Mia Egan*    Mallory Schurz     Kalia Miner     Barrett Padilla*     Sophie Becker     Teagan Reginald

Darcy Sylvester     Emma Shea     Audrey Kann     Molly Breckow     Chloe Riordan     Fiona Cummings     Dani Thomas     Sidney Walsh 

Adeline Carder     Elena Lindsey     Abby Fedyski     


Woman 1/Fred Guest:  Rianna Blazek
Woman 2/Fred Guest:  Kenzie Nichols
Jo/ Fred Guest:  Abby Gellman
Scavenger 1: Mia Egan
Scavenger 2:  Barrett Padilla
Mourner 1:  Collin Bridge
Mourner 2 :  Mikey Rubino

Mourner 3:  Bradley Ash

Shows will take place Friday and Saturday - December 20th & 21st at the beautiful Kroc Center
​Tickets on sale in December!  $17 each at