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​"A Christmas Carol" Show

Phoenix Center for the Arts

1202 N 3rd St

Phoenix, AZ 85004

Friday, December 15th @ 7pm

Saturday, December 16th @ 2pm & 7pm

Tickets available online beginning Nov 20

"Annie Jr."

Phoenix Center for the Arts

1202 N 3rd St

Phoenix, AZ 85004

Friday, February 9th @ 7pm

Saturday, February 10th @ 2pm & 7pm

Sunday, February 11th @ 2pm

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Yes, it is getting to be that time of the year when we all start thinking of great organizations to bestow our end of the year, tax-deductible donations to. 

Well, look no further! Did you know that ACT is a government sanctioned 501(c)(3) not for profit organization? Part of our responsibility is to fundraise during the year.   This year, we are raising funds to be able to purchase our own microphones to use at shows, voice recitals, performances etc. Right now we  have to rent these EVERY time we use a venue and boy, it gets expensive and it is a waste of money! We are hoping to be able to raise close to $10,000 to purchase the system we need.

If you are looking for someplace to donate, PLEASE consider ACT. We are a very small organization and our only donors are an occasional business or individual. We rely heavily on the generosity of our families and community to keep us going. Please donate and spread the word, you'll get a personal shout out from us on Facebook!

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Michele Rubino

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                                  "A Christmas Carol" 2017 Cast List
CONGRATS to all of you who earned a role this year! We had so many talented people come out and if you didn’t make it this year, we are so sorry, please come back and try again! We had to take many factors into casting such a conflicts, which roles people were willing to accept and matching groups together. It isn’t easy and we sure wish we could cast everyone in the roles of their choice, sadly, casting doesn’t work that way. Please review the spelling of your name and please alert us to misspellings. We are REALLY excited to get started TOMORROW! There is a parent meeting at the beginning of our rehearsal Sunday, November 5th which starts at 5:00pm.  The Cast will stay until 7pm to rehearse!

Scrooge- Michael Rubino
Narrator –  Morgan Brigham
Sidekick –  Sofia Lindsey
Bob Cratchit - Grayson Hoyt

Emily Cratchit - Taylor Day

Belinda Cratchit - Claire Tudor

Betina Cratchit - Taylor Rise

Peter Cratchit - Collin Bridge

Tiny Tim - Adeline Olawski

Mrs. Dilber/Fred Party Guest - Kelsey Pearson

Turkey Girl - Danielle Olawski

Adele/Fred Party Guest - Mia Dickson

Miriam/Fred Party Guest - Sara Watson

Gertrude/Fred Party Guest - Rebecca DeCero

Edna/Fred Party Guest - Kyra O'Connor

Hermoine - Malani Walsh

Ghost of Christmas Past/Ensemble - Darcy Sylvester
Ghost of Christmas Present - Steve Lanouette

Jacob Marley - Jake Hedeby

Robert Marley - Jessie Hedeby

Belle/Clara - Madison Rango

Fred/Master Scrooge - Jack Walton

Little Caroler - Violet Olawski

Head Master/Ghost of Christmas Future/Fezziwig and Fred Guest - Logan Bridge

Young Scrooge/Man 2 - Mikey Rubino

Mr. Fezziwig/Fred Party Guest - Ryan O'Connor

Mrs. Fezziwig/Fred Party Guest - Anna Cederdahl

Widow Applegate/Fezziwig & Fred Party Guest - Peyton Rubischko

The Bookkeepers/Students:

Henry - Mia Egan

Bookkeeper #2 - Natalya Meyers

Bookkeeper #1 - Rylee Valva

Edmond - Dani Thomas

Bookkeeper #3 - Maya Peterson

Bookkeeper #4 - Amelicia Johnson

Bookkeeper #5 - Emilia Carder

The Urchins/Marley Ghosts/Fezziwig Guests:

Kaitlyn Ankrom-Hadden

Meredith Snow

Erin Richards

Bella Padilla (also Scavenger #1)

Alyssa Fabio (also Scavenger #2)
The Dancing Carolers & Fezziwig Party Guests:

Evie Walker

MacKenzie Reed (also Fred Guest)

Kenzie Nichols (also Fred Guest)

Bella Gump

Rianna Blazek (Mourner #3 & Fred Guest)

The Carolers/Fezziwig Guests:

Kaiah Walsh (Also Jo & Fred Guest)

Madeline Shugrue

Erin Meyers (Also Fred Guest)

Julia Martin (Also Fred Guest)

Patrick Keyser (Also Man #1 & Fred Guest)

Erin Greenfield (Also Mourner #1 & Fred Guest)

Paige Greenfield (Also Mourner #2 & Fred Guest)

Elisabeth Fear

Julie Duong

Sophia Davidson

Amira Davidson

Adeline Carder (Also Na - Uhhh Girl)

Alysson Brown

*First rehearsal and Mandatory Parent Meeting for those cast will be at ACT on Sunday Nov 5th between 5pm – 7pm.  The production fee of $250 is due at this time. 

*No rehearsals November 11th or November 12th.

*November 18th:   10am – 3pm:  ACT 1 Rehearsal at ACT.  You may be called for all OR part of this time.

*November 19th:   1pm – 6pm:  ACT 2 Rehearsal at ACT.  You may be called for all OR part of this time.

*No rehearsals November 24th or November 25th.

*December 2nd:   1pm – 5pm:  ACT 1 Rehearsal at ACT. ALL CAST

*December 3rd:   2pm – 6pm:  ACT 2 Rehearsal at ACT.  ALL CAST

*December 9th:   1pm – 5pm:  Run Show at ACT

*December 10th: 2pm – 6pm:  In House Dress Rehearsal at ACT

*Thursday, December 14th, 4pm – 7pm  Dress and Tech Run at Phoenix Center for the Arts

*Friday, December 15th, 4pm Rehearsal, 7pm First Show! At Phoenix Center for the Arts

*Saturday December 16th, 2pm show, and 7pm show.  At Phoenix Center for the Arts

*Production fee of $250 covers most costumes and a cast shirt. Shoes are not included. If you are cast as a Dancing Caroler or Fundraiser there is an additional cost for a hair fall if you do not already own one.

*Tickets are $15 online at beginning Nov 20th.
If available, tickets can be purchased at the door for $20, cash only. 

   ACT’s address:                                                                Phoenix Center for the Arts address:
   11011 S 48th St Ste B-101                                                                    1202 North 3rd Street
   Phoenix, AZ 85044                                                                              Phoenix, AZ 85004  


"Annie Jr."
Phoenix Center for the Arts
1202 N 3rd St
Phoenix, AZ 85004

Friday, February 9th @ 7pm
Saturday, February 10th @ 2pm & 7pm
Sunday, February 11th @ 2pm

Tickets on sale now at:

​​Ahwatukee Children's Theatre